Looking forward to peace

The Ukrainian market belongs to the region of Topigs Norsvin Central Europe for already 2 years. We are responsible for the successful distribution and management of Topigs Norsvin genetics in the territory. All the people in Topigs Norsvin Central Europe fully support and contribute to the development of the Ukrainian pig breeding in order to supply our existing and new customers with high level Topigs Norsvin genetics. We aim to exploit the positive opportunities of the Ukrainian pork market for the benefit of the Ukrainian pork breeding.

We are in constant contact with CIAB (Centre for Improvement Animal Breeding Ltd), the Association of the Ukrainian Pork Producers.  We do regularly communicate and try to do the best we can so that all our colleagues in CIAB and their families could survive these times despite the conditions of the war.

The history of our relationship

We concluded a Cooperation Agreement in October 2020 with CIAB.

In peace times: CIAB, Topigs SNW and Topigs Norsvin Central Europe experts after a successful discussion, in front of the main office of Topigs SNW in Germany.
From left to right: Vladyslav Kachmar CIAB, Eduard Eissing T-SNW, Mykola Babenko CIAB, Gyula Simon TNCE, Stefan Everwin T-SNW, Dr. Csaba Gaál TNCE
In peace times: Last Summer Day Conference, Kyiv
 from left to right: Mihály Peresta Munkacevo, Dr. Csaba Gaál TNCE, Oleksandr Skoryk MIAU Kharkiv, Mykola Babenko CIAB

The CIAB cooperation has developed very well following we delivered high genetic value Topigs Norsvin SPF gilts from Czech Republic and high genetic value Topigs Norsvin breeding boars from France to Ukraine in August 2021.

In peace times: arrival of the first TN70 breeding gilts to Agrosvit Farm.
In peace times: arrival of TN Tempo terminal boars with SPF truck to Agrosvit Farm.

The experts of Topigs Norsvin Central Europe and CIAB also regularized the boar semen exports to Ukraine so that farms could be in constant contact with the European Topigs Norsvin populations and with the help of the high genetic value semen we could deliver the results of the actual genetic progress.

In peace times: after customs clearance of the first delivery of the high genetic value Topigs Norsvin boar semen to Agrosvit Farm
From left to right: Mykola Babenko CIAB, Ivett László TNCE, Vladyslav Kachmar CIAB

The gilts were delivered to the very good farmer, Agrosvit company.

The professionals of Agrosvit and CIAB launched very successfully the production with Topigs Norsvin genetics in Ukraine.

As a result, the average number of live-born piglets at first farrowing reached the level of 14,8 at the Ukrainian partner farms. Seeing the excellent results of Agrosvit more producers have contacted us and expressed interest in the Topigs Norsvin genetics in the recent months.

The developments and the horrors of war deeply depressed and saddened me just like all the people in Topigs Norsvin Central Europe. During my long career there has never been so much bad happening in the world economy, and in our personal life as in the past 3 years; ASP, Covid-19 and now the war.
All of which I would have gladly left out from my life.

I am very confident that we could leave all the bad behind us very soon relying on the proverb which provides that 3 plagues are always followed by 3 blessings.

We are all, they and us, very much look forward to the end of the war.

Gyula Simon
Managing Director
Topigs Norsvin Central Europe

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